IMParty 8000
December 31 - January 3
Starts 14.42 and ends 18.42


IMParty is back, new and improved with Solaris-look-alike version number!
For the first time in IMP history, we are changing the house where it will be arranged. The old house was getting a bit tight on space and high on rent. This new place features a leased internetline and showers (!).


Expected/possible visitors

Ajje/IMP, Ham/IMP, Lom/IMP, Rubank/IMP, Loke/DHS, Evil/DHS, Gizmo/DHS, Toodeloo/DHS, Dafvid/DHS, Slort/DHS, Baggio/Wildfire, Havoc/FUN, NoBrain/NoCrew, CMT/NoCrew, NoRing/NoCrew, NoLars/NoCrew, NoPoint/NoCrew, WizTom/Aggression, Setok/Aggression, Thomas/NewBeat, Opus/Collapze, Fuzzkid/Collpaze, Faltrion, ZPQ, Nicco, Partycle/Fishpool, Jag/DTVM, TAM/Toys, Motorola, Motorola-pal, Tiitsu, Mille, Comp7/Bassment, Corpset, jox and many more.



There are buses and trains going to Grängesberg, and Dalairport is about one hour away. Going by car is quite simple, and the maps below should give you enough informations to find the way quite easily.

Swedish map Grängesberg Map


The new house!

Outside the party place:

When you see this buildning you are really close, it's called Cassels (We call it the 'White house')
That's not the building we will be in although that would be really cool.
The picture to the right shows the sign that points to the place where the IMParty will be.

White House (almost) Sign that shows where IMParty is

Outside the party place:

The picture to the left shows what you should see next when you turn towards the partyplace.
You should now have Cassels behind your back, but not on your back...
The picture to the right shows the front door to the place where the IMParty will be.

What you should see
next Main entrance


Inside the party place:

Here we can see the 'relax' area and some of the vending machines that will be available.

The relaxarea Various vending machines


Inside the party place:

Last, a picture of one of the rooms that we will use, notice the nice position of the ethernet outlets by the lamps in the ceiling, power outlets are there too.

One of the rooms that will be available




Harri Manni []
Andreas Pettersson []
Robert Krenn []
Anders Eriksson []


Anders Eriksson/DHS Bunker: +46 225 517 59


Last Updated: December 16, 1998